What is The Gospel?


This summer I have had the opportunity to read and reflect. As I started there were two questions in my mind: What is The Gospel? And: What is a disciple, how do I become one and how do I help other become disciples? Over the weeks another question has arisen that is intimately associated with my first two questions: What is the Kingdom?

Over the next few weeks, time permitting, I will be collecting my thoughts and responses together and posting them here.

To help get started, and before I let you know my own thoughts, I’d be really interested in how you would describe The Gospel or he Good News. I’d greatly value as many responses as possible, either as comments on my blog, or as comments on the Facebook posts that link to this blog.

Please let me know your response, (and it might give me some idea how many actually read what I write!).



3 thoughts on “What is The Gospel?

  1. How I would describe the Gospel or the Good News:

    My understanding of the Gospel is that it is a written account of the life of Jesus. I believe there are 4 accounts, all in the New Testament. I believe maybe Mark was the first written, then Matthew, Luke and finally John.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Luke has always been my favorite Gospel, probably because he was a Greek and a doctor. The bit that sticks in my mind roughly says, ” Where your posessions are is where your heart is.” Am I guilty? I think we all are rich and poor alike.

  3. Hi I wonder if it’s still OK for me to comment on this page but I still receive your posts Sandy, so I presume it is.

    I believe the gospel or good news is the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. He is God & existed before earth & heavens were created. Because God loves us so much He chose to send Jesus to earth as a baby, through Mary, so that He could ultimately take the punishment that was needed for all our sins, because they separated us from God. Jesus became the bridge between our sinful selves & a Holy God so that we might approach our heavenly Father not with fear or shame but with boldness, knowing we have been made clean from our wrongs & forgiven through Jesus’ sacrifice……..whoopie!!!…… God no longer is the one waiting to ‘tell us off for our wrong doings’ but the one who becomes our ‘Abba’ Father…..’daddy’ and we can boldly approach His throne & be confident of His unfailing love, now & forever.
    The good news continues….when our time on earth is done, we will go to live with Him forever, together with all those who have heard & accepted this “Good news’……& boy is it good news, the best I’ve ever had…….it never fails to thrill me……Thank you Lord.

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