Reading Mark Together – Mark 7 Matters of the Heart

In Mark 7 Jesus points out that the Pharisees concentrate on the outward display of religion and holiness, but ignore the inner reality that is the most important part to God himself. The Jewish nation had built up a whole series of practices that were designed to prevent Jews from breaking the Mosaic law. In doing this the regulations they had put in place had become more important than the heart behind the law itself. Jesus points out that the heart, reason and motives behind what we do is more important than what we actually do, if the heart is right the actions will be right, if the heart is wrong no amount of outer religions actions will make it right.

I wonder if we have built up ‘religions practices’ around our expression of the Christian faith, just as the religious leaders of Jesus’ time had done? If we have are they still a true and right reflection of the inner reality of love and relationship with Jesus, or do they mask a different internal reality?



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  1. Yes still to read the earlier chapters, you could say that the wearing of robes has nothing to do with the christian faith just tradition but does tradition help peoples faith?


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