Reading Mark Together – Chapter 5 How Desperate Are We?

I’ve been asked to slow down a bit to allow some the opportunity to catch, up so today’s thought from Mark 5 is somewhat shorter!

In the story of the Woman with a Blood Disease and the healing of Jairus’ daughter we have stories of two people who were desperate for what Jesus could offer.

Jairus, as a Synagogue Ruler, put his life on the line for his daughter. Someone in his social position wouldn’t stoop to the level of falling at the feet if a wandering teacher, yet he did. He put his job, his reputation and his place in society on the line for the sake of his daughter.

The woman with the blood disease did the same, in fact she probably risked her life to get near to Jesus. Her disease made her ritually unclean and anyone and anything she touched would also become unclean, including everyone she pushed past in that crowd. It doesn’t soud a lot to us today, but deliberately making other unclean was a BIG deal in her society. She was desperate to receive what only Jesus could offer.

How desperate are we to receive what only Jesus can offer? Are we willing to risk our position, our reputation our livelihood as they were?



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